Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday is here!

Woah...such a relief that we got our result just before the holiday started. Congratulations to those who pass with a flying colours!! To those who do not get their target, do not be upset, try your best on this semester's final exam as this is our starting point in PISMP. Do your best to beat the rest!

By the way....

It's Chinese New Year holiday everybody! One week holiday...!! Enjoy your holiday guys, BUT, do not forget our TASK (ELP TASK) that are:

1. Post an entry on our own blog at Madam Nurulhana web. Just click here to make your own.
2. Make your own vocabulary card.

There are also the other task that we need to finish:

1. FPM presentation (in group)
2. TITAS presentation (in group)

So, do well prepare guys. :)

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